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HTML Help to Internet Converter


  • You have made a HTML help system for your application?
  • You are advertising for your software product on the internet?

If you can answer yes to these two questions, you may want to take a look at this software.

To get the most attention from the search engines for your web, you need to create as many web pages as possible. And potential customers expect a lot of information before downloading and trying your product. 

So, if you have already got a lot of web pages explaining your product, why not publish them in the internet? But doing that can be a lot of work.

Steps required to publish an HTML Help system on the web:

  • A framework with navigation links has to be added to every page.
  • <OBJECT>-Tags used by the HHCTRL.OCX control must be removed
  • A contents page must be made.
  • An index page must be made.
  • To browse the pages sequentially, "Previous" and "Next" buttons must be added to every page.

And these steps have to be repeated every time you change or add to your HTML help system.


hed.webmanual - HTML Help to Internet Converter.

All of the necessary steps mentioned before are constant for every page. You can let a software do this work for you!

Take a look at some web pages created with hed.webmanual: (German language) (German language)


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