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Universalprogrammiergeraete: hed.chip - Universal Programmiergeraet


Universal Device Programmer ...

... by Hoepping Elektronik Design

hed.chip - universal device programmer

hed.chip - universal device programmer
  • Atmel AVR-RISC Microcontroller incl. ATMEGA
  • Microchip PIC Microcontroller (Adapter)
  • MCS51 Microcontroller
  • serial EEPROM
  • programmable logic: GAL, Amd PALCE, Atmel PLD

hed.chip is a truly universal device programmer. The selection of programmable devices is oriented towards the needs of the developer, and is continuously being updated. In addition to the actual device memory, hed.chip also programs special features such as the Security Fuse of programmable logic devices, Lock Bits of microcontrollers, and the Software Data Protection found in FLASH and EEPROM.

  • DIL40 test socket for small and large ICs
  • connects to the parallel port
  • connects to a standard 12V/800mA AC adapter
  • dimensions: aluminium casing, 171 * 113 * 31mm, weight: 250g


The command line software HEDCHIP.EXE does the actual programming.

This fully batch-compatible program can be integrated into your own development system. HEDCHIP.EXE is equally well-suited to the command prompt of DOS, Windows 95/98/ME,  Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000/XP

For Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP there is also the user-friendly Windows user interface HC95 with a powerful device database.

A device is programmed in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select the device from the database
  2. Select a function, eg. program or erase
  3. Select a source file
  4. optionally: Select programmer options, eg. automatic verification
  5. optionally: Select device options to be programmed, eg. Security Fuse or Lock Bits

You can use these settings to program a device or create a batch file for HEDCHIP.EXE. HC95 can also read such batch files. This is used to reproduce programming of devices exactly.

Test it!

The HC95 Windows software can be used without the programmer. Go to the download area, download HC95 and try it for yourself.


hed.chip users can get the latest software update from download. This updates the programmer to new devices and programming algorithms. A version history gives information about software changes and new devices that can be programmed.


A collection of adapters is available for devices in SMD packages and to expand the programming capabilities. These adapters meet professional requirements at very low prices.


Any questions or doubts? More information is available:


Developing and manufacturing device programmers is our area of competence.

hed.chip - universal device programmer is designed and produced by us. If you have any difficulties using the programmer, you can contact the developer directly at any time. Your suggestions influence the continuing development. Do you need to program a device not included in the device list? Just ask!

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