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hed.dress - address database with CRM, version 4.32
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hed.dress - CRM-Software - einfach und schnell - kostenloser Download



 ... made by Höpping Elektronik Design

  • Professional address database for business and personal use.

  • Contact Management: Reports help to keep track of customer contacts.

  • Network support: Up to 120 hed.dress installations can be synchronised over the network.

hed.dress - CRM software

Here are some of the many  features:

  • Flexible search and retrieval

  • The address information is clearly presented and easy to survey  (see Screenshot).

  • More than one person can be linked to a single address, eg.: persons working at a company, members of a family.

  • Reports for customer contact.

  • Internal user management: Several users can access hed.dress.net with varying privileges to access, change or delete address information.

  • hed.dress.net has limited network support. It can be upgraded to a full network-capable version. See explanation below.

  • Birth date reminder: This feature lets you know of upcoming birth dates.

  • Follow Ups: You can enter actions you want to perform on a specific address once on a specific date (eg: call a potential customer after sending him/her information material) or regularly (eg: ever month).

  • Export into text file for import in Outlook Address Book

  • Export for serial letters

  • Import from comma-separatet text files. Almost every software can export its data in this format

  • Synchronization (Export) into Palm PDA (= handheld computer made by Palm)

  • Synchronization between hed.dress installations on different computers. 


hed.dress.net is a software for address and contact management. It is designed to meet the requirements of small and medium businesses. 

Basically it is a database for address information.

Contact management is an additional feature. When dealing with hundreds of people professionally, one has to remember a lot of information about these people. Customers expect that you know what they told you last time. Also, you have to remember, who is a customer, who has already got your information material, whom you have promised to send something. A contact management system lets you stored this information efficiently and makes it easy to retrieve, even while you are talking to someone on the phone.

Also, address information can be classified. Maybe you want to send an advertisement to everyone who has inquired about a specific product within the last year. With address classification this group of addresses can be identified in the database. The classification system can be configured to the requirements of your business.

Although targeted for use in a business, hed.dress can also be used to store the addresses of organsisation or your personal addresses. Never again forget the birth date of a good friend!

Technical Details

The database has been modeled according to the rules of relational database design. A small but stable database engine guaranties the integrity of the data. A well designed database is important to ensure that the data can be retrieved. With such a database you can later convert the data to other systems. Even if you do not do that yourself, any competent software developer or database administrator will be able to work with that data.

Programming language: Power++ 2.5 Enterprise (C++ programming language, compiler made by Powersoft).

Database system: Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5 Runtime.

The runtime engine used can be distributed free of charge with Power++ applications. The same database can also be hosted by the full-featured SQL Anywhere database server.

hed.dress.net is made for serious work. It does not play music or entertains you with a multimedia presentation. It installs without making any significant changes to the setup of your computer and it uninstalls cleanly.

hed.dress.net supports German, English and Spanish language. It can easily be translated to more languages.


Network support

hed.dress.net is fully network enabled. 



The following hed.dress versions are available:

Version Description Price
FREE max. 50 addresses. All features are enabled!. This version can be used to evaluate the software. By entering a license number, it can be upgraded to the HOME or PROFESSIONAL version. FREE
HOME max. 300 addresses.  EUR 21,42
PROFESSIONAL unlimited number of addresses EUR 192,78

Current state of the software development

hed.dress.net is available as a commercial product since 9/2001. 

As the developer of this software, I can also implement customer-specific features. I welcome any suggestion and as a beta tester you have a definite influence on the outcome of the development.

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