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hed.Db2XML - ASA6 to XML Exporter

Version History 

Developing software is an ongoing, never ending process. There is no need to download every update that is made available. If you are satisfied, remember the saying "never change a running system". Here you can check, which new features have been implemented and what bugs have been fixed.

If you have a problem, download the newest version, even if your bug is not listed among the bugs fixed. We can only debug the latest version

  • 0.91 BETA, Date 30.05.2002
    • Bugfix: When loading an ASA6 data base with "Java in the database" there was an unhandled exception while reading and applying the referential integrity primary/foreign key constraints.
  • 0.90 BETA, Date 25.05.2002
    • First version available to the public.

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