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hed.Db2XML - ASA6 to XML Exporter

Sybase DB 2 XML Exporter
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  • Load Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6 and Sybase SQL Anywhere 5 databases

  • Browse the database

  • Export the database structure as a XML-Schema file (.XSD)

  • Export the database data as a XML file (.XML)

  • Buy the source code and get a jump start how to program for these database systems using the new Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

hed.Db2XML - List of tables

View data and jump to detail tables referencing a data row.

hed.Db2XML - view data and follow references

  • Supported databases:
    Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6, the free Runtime database server RTENG6 is included in this package.
    Sybase SQL Anywhere 5

  • Supported languages:
    English (default)

  • Requirements: The Microsoft .NET framework must be installed. If you do not have it yet, you can download it from the Download page.

At the moment, hed.Db2XML is in the Beta Test Stage. The Beta software is free for your personal use, but the Beta software must not be sold or packaged with commercial software.

Later, we will offer:

  • Personal license to use hed.Db2XML on one computer.

  • Developer license to user hed.Db2XML as a component in your software. It can be used in .NET projects and with any other software development system supporting the usage of COM objects. Full source code and samples included.


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